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After careful consideration we’ve decided to postpone Ladieslovehiphop Festival to 2023 instead of 19-20th August 2022. We will be back to you with new dates and more information very soon. We are very excited to show you what Ladieslovehiphop Festival really is and what it stands for and can’t wait to show you what we’ve planned!

Remember: Hold on to your ticket – it will still be valid to the new dates! If you would prefer a refund, please contact your ticket agent.

We look forward to showing you the festival in full, with a strong purpose and ambition of contributing to a more diversified and equal live music scene.

Yes, you can, but hold on to your ticket – it will still be valid to the new dates! If you would prefer a refund, please contact your ticket agent.

We will announce it shortly – stay tuned. And follow LLHH on social media. More information to come shortly!


Ladieslovehiphop Festival is an itinerant boutique festival founded in 2018 that showcases Nordic and international talents for an eclectic audience of music lovers. Working with purpose driven curation by bringing together a female-led lineup of the best artists, DJs and creatives within Hiphop, R&B, Soul, Afrobeats and subgenres. 

The festival strives to be a welcoming, respectful and inspiring environment. From day to night, the festival offers a carefully selected lineup with both emerging and established artists, three stages, food and beverage, art installations and DJ sets. 

Ladieslovehiphop was founded in 2014 as a DJ collective / club concept by childhood friends Nataša Marijana, Rebecca Tegegne and Linda Nápoles, and has over the years evolved into a creative movement. Ladieslovehiphop have multiple achievements on their resume such as being warm up DJs for Beyonce & Jay Z at Friends Arena, Linda Nápoles receiving two Swedish Grammy nominations with her solo artist project Nápoles and creating space for the younger generation by arranging a recurrent course about event organization called ”Behind The Scenes”. 

Stefflon Don – real name Stephanie Allen, is a critically acclaimed British rapper, singer and songwriter. Her ascent in the UK rap scene has taken the industry by storm, having had a top 10 in the UK charts and being featured on the Billboard charts, Steff has been on an upward trajectory ever since.  Her Jamaican heritage influences her distinctive sound, and she also draws upon Spanish, African and Portuguese references in her music. Not long after being recognised by BBCs Sound of 2017, she rose to widespread fame as her debut single Hurtin Me” featuring French Montana reached top 10 in the UK Singles Chart and was certified platinum in the UK. She has continued to rise to stratospheric heights since then, with a global and loyal following around the world, resulting in a colossal 2.3 billion streams on Apple Music, 444 million views on Vevo, 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube. Stefflon Don has continued to reach a global audience, succeeding in the US where many talented British MCs have fallen short. Steff was the first British female rapper ever to be featured in Rap Caviar; in 2019 she was cited as a leader in her field by Forbes 30 Under 30; shes won awards including Best Female at the MOBO Awards and also Best New Artist at the NME Awards. Her list of collaborators includes global icons: Drake, Lil Kim, Skepta, Mariah Carey, Sean Paul. 

Fueled by self-love and manifested dreams, Baby Tate is forever evolving. The Atlanta-based artist, formerly known as Yung Baby Tate, re-enters the music scene with her own amorous sound. With an early introduction to music by her soul-singing mother, Baby Tate evolved an innate curiosity that turned into an all-consuming passion. Baby Tate’s debut project, 2015’s ROYGBIV, saw her exercising full creative control as a singer, songwriter, rapper, producer, and engineer – independent skills she’s honed since she was a kid. “Creative expression was always like water or air to me,” she explains. “It was just always there in my life.” With a single body of work, you´ll hear summery pop, amorous R&B, and hard-hitting hip-hop. By prioritizing female empowerment and joy, as evidenced by her cohesive, she manages to create the main foundation of her style. But don’t get it twisted: She’s strong, and she’s here to remind women of all kinds that they are, too. “Female empowerment is really female remind-ment,” she muses. “Because we’re already powerful; let me just remind you of who you are.” 

25 year-old Shaybo is a true yin and yang character. You’re getting ruthless lyricism with a highly personable delivery – direct and to the point bars, yet laugh out loud moments. The 25 year-old is the lyrically dexterous, hook-heavy Queen of the South. She should be ruling the country. Her debut EP is named after a cartel-centric crime drama TV series named ‘Queen of the South’, paying homage to the main characters journey from naive to a leading boss. Pour through Shaybo’s lyrics and you’ll get a snapshot of the personal history that’s lead her up to becoming who the queen she is today. There’s jail time, flashes of anger, fights, but there’s also the calm, level-headed balance that comes from growing through those moments and emerging on the other side. Shaybos background in social work informs her tunes too. On one level, her songs help with processing emotion – “Anger” is Shaybo talking about her own experiences – but they’re also intended as empowerment for others yet, this sn’t Empowerment Music as you might  previously known it. It’s simply real, highly melodic rap music that weaves its way through drill, road, hype-fueled hooks, highly energised disses (‘Come For Shay’) and moments of sheer vulnerability (‘My Sister’). Each element of this music is a singular expression of Shaybo, in all her multitudes. The UK has never seen an artist like her before, with this much raw and defiant versatility. 

Whilst attending her all girls’ secondary school in Hackney, East London, Vanessa Mahi — better known as Ivorian Doll — would spit over beats with friends. “I used to write everyone’s raps,” she says. “We used to laugh about it. It was just a bit of fun. But people would say to me: you’re really good!”. Back then, Mahi’s ears were tuned into the music of grime scene architects like Chipmunk and Skepta, and road rap veterans like Giggs. This would forge her interest in the eventual explosion of drill — a raw, addictive sound being made amongst the English capital city’s housing estates. “Before it was even called drill, I started listening to all that gang music,” she says passionately. “The punchlines, the beats, the aggression. I liked it.” Fast forward a few years, and Ivorian Doll has emerged as one of the most unique flag bearers in a thriving, competitive UK music scene. Her stage moniker reflects an eclectic past: her parental roots in Ivory Coast, channelled through the colourful aesthetic of her favourite female musical powerhouses — from The Pussycat Dolls to Lily Allen, Missy Elliot to Nicki Minaj. Mahi’s most exciting release to-date is “Bodybag”. The Kevin Hudson-directed visuals show Mahi dressed as an ode to her biggest heroine, Nicki Minaj, whilst clarifying, yet again, her immovable place as a UK rap heavyweight. The song will feature on an upcoming drill-focused EP, before Ivorian Doll looks to elevate from the genre that birthed her rise, towards other styles and soundscapes. 

Ayra Starr is impossible to ignore. Born in Benin Republic, the 19-year-old was raised between its beach city, Cotonou and the cultural hub of Lagos, Nigeria. This mix of cultures inspires her global approach to music, art and life. She’s inspired by the regal earthiness of Angelique Kidjo, Rihanna’s feisty confidence, as well as 90s fashion icons, and the edgy aesthetic of emo-pop. Ayra describes her sound as Afrosoul, told in an intoxicating voice that evokes a Gen Z queen-in-waiting. Drawing from influences like classic Yoruba and Beninese music & artists like 2Face and Wande Coal, her music speaks for a generation of girls around the world who are finding themselves, united by angst and emojis. She announced herself to the world on January 22 with an eponymous 5-track EP, which produced the No. 1 single, “Away” and spurred viral moments in the UK as well. But Ayra Starr’s moment will come month’s after releasing her debut studio album- 19 & Dangerous. 

Miraa May is an artist who will make you think, laugh, cryand feel.The Algerian born, Tottenham based singer-songwriter takes inspiration from the north London streets where she grew up, from the friendships and the experiences of a life lived. The self-described ’Tottenham songbird’ first released her debut EP ’The Beginning’ in 2014, but she continues to release her most unapologetic, frankand heartfelt collection yet. Her latest collaborations include giants such as StefflonDon, RAYE and Jordan Stephens.

London-raised Nigeria born singer/songwriter Darkoo’s musical journey began at 15 after discovering her ability to rap. She began to merge the influences of being in the UK with the sound of her favourite African artists like WizKid and Maleek Berry, leading her to release her debut single ‘Gas Station’ at the tender age of 16. It was then that Darkoo knew exactly who and where she wanted to be.
Continuing to hone her craft,  She exploded onto the scene late 2019 with the anthemic track ‘Gangsta’ featuring One Acen, which saw her land her first UK Top 40 hit, peaking at #22. This was quickly followed by singles ‘Juicy’ and ‘Kryptonite’ which created a huge impact on the music scene.
Darkoo is the genre-bending artist who has successfully created a sound that is distinctly her own, blending her international influences to create her own style of Afroswing, highlighting her vibrant and androgynous vocals perfectly. 

Uncle Waffles, whose real name is Lungelihle Zwane, is the hottest DJ right now if you ask Twitter. With over a million followers across her social media platforms, Waffles travels the world at only 21-year-old making us all dance in pure euphoria. Raised by her grandmother in Eswatini but later moved to South Africa where she is now based, has not limited her success to only the African continent. Her sets spread like wildfire on Twitter in 2021, drawing the attention of millions including superstar Drake. Her already viral success followed her sold out debut at Aroma, London, a humble brag only a flue could claim. Her wild sets are filled with technical certainty and confidence, but she is also known to entertain the crowd by her wild dancing. Needless to say, Uncle Waffles presence is a full experience.

Imenella is a true representation of a multitalented artist. Her childhood was heavily influenced by the MTV era of the 1990s, sparking her dream of headlining the big arenas. She first started appearing on stages as a professional dancer, winning the title of Sweden’s Dancehall Queen back in 2012. She has managed to own the stage like no other by both singing, dancing and choreographing her own projects. Imenella debuted 2018 with the track ”Moves” and have since then received a Swedish Grammy in the category “newcomer of the year”, release the EP “TRO” and in march 2022 she released her personal debut album “Gemini” with features like Cherrie and upcoming artist PABI. Imenella has managed to keep her sound edgy and raw while continuously sharing both her strengths and vulnerabilities with the world. She has found what she describes as a more mature sound where she embraces her love for pop without it being pop outright. Traces of dancehall and R&B are always found in her music, as well as the drill drums commonly runs through the whole album. Her music is wild, powerful and uplifting. 

Amaria Braithwaite lives her life without being bound to labels, convention or social norms. Her dancehall-leaning R&B is relatable, brilliantly written and beautifully sung. A uniquely distinct talent, Amaria’s perspective on love, life, sex and friendship is unlike anything that has come before.

Her sensational debut single, “Slow Motion” which draws on both her R&B influences and Jamaican heritage, is a sleek, sex positive song that allows an intimate insight into what women really want. Amaria took the track to TikTok with some dance instructions on how to ‘tick tock’ – aka do the perfect reverse whine. It proved instantly popular and today ”Slow Motion” has over 23M audio streams and the Visualiser and Official Video combined has reached 14.4M views. Earlier this year in February she released her highly anticipated EP ”What’s Done in the Dark”. Having been selected as an artist to watch in 2022 by Radio 1Xtra, No signal, Amazon Music and British Vouge, it’s safe to say a lot of eyes are on Amaria BB right now and her new EP is an example of just why. She’s a voice of her generation and for her generation.

From professional dancer to viral phenomenon, Dréya Mac stands steady on the forefront of the new generation of UK-hiphop. The 21-year-old west London artist, dancer, choreographer and TikTok-star has managed to dominate her scene in only a year of time. With a past as a professional dancer working with numerous artists, is her appearance in the masterpiece “Vossi Bop” by Stormzy one for the books where she is one of the only females in the entire project. The world was first introduced to the public persona of Dréya as a humorous and unapologetic tiktoker, a platform she never imagined would take her dreams in music seriously. But when she finally started releasing music to her 1.4 million followers, they took her singel “Own Brand Freestyle” ran! The mega hit is at this point self-explanatory, creating a strong, unapologetic and fun portrayal of the brilliance that is Dréya. While Mac was a dancer first, musician second, she believes she fell in love with the artforms at the same time. She believes that her deep understanding of music is a skill directly created by her many years of choreographing. Her artistry is inspired by flow changes and the 90s New York style” Lite Feet”, making her fun, fast and unforgettable. So, by staring her career during the 2020 pandemic and with only four singles out, Dréya has managed to create such a defined artistic profile and vision that she now only competes with herself. 

Cristale is a unique talent. At just 20 she’s a supremely skilled rapper, poet, storyteller, visual artist and university student, with a number of viral freestyles to her name and several singles, including recent underground hit ‘Morgan’. Also including ‘Whites’ and ‘See Myself’, much of her recent output is broadly classifiable as drill, but she refuses to be categorized as a drill rapper and is adept at rapping over any beat. Fresh from signing a record deal with 4ZA/ Black Butter, she’s now planning more singles and an EP. She grew up in a Caribbean household in south London, raised by her mum and family, she was surrounded by women for much of her childhood. She has a good relationship with her dad, but growing up her uncle — himself an artist — who encouraged her to pick up her pen. He helped her write her first bars when she was in primary school, then the next day she took them to the playground for rap battles with other kids. Often rapping against boys, invariably she won. 
Her skill is in telling stories from her community through rap, dealing with issues like knife crime and gang conflict. “I’m spitting realities,” she says. “It’s not necessarily my realities, but a lot of people around me have experienced certain things that they don’t know how to speak about, so in order to raise awareness, I use my music to shed light on communal flaws.”. 

Jaz Karis is a young singer-songwriter from the UK who is known for her deep lyrics and luscious vocals. Growing up in South London, Jaz listened to a vast array of gospel, soul, jazz, RnB, reggae, and old school classics. She became the youngest member of her local gospel choir after taking classical piano and singing lessons early on. Graduating from The Brit School, Jaz fine-tuned her musical skills at the same school as some of her biggest influences, Amy Winehouse and Adele. Then in 2017, unmanaged and unsigned, Jaz dropped her critically acclaimed first EP Into The Wilderness. The top single “Sugar Don’t Be Sweet” was played back to back on MistaJam’s BBC Radio 1Xtra show and the success of the project lead to her first sold out headline show in London in 2018. Next came the release of “Pretty Dreamer/Pretty Lover” with “Pretty Lover” becoming Jaz’s breakout single. Her performance of the song on COLORS, Berlin’s popular online series, is a viral success with over 10 million views to date. She’s released a lot more since and now she’s a staple on every major UK R&B playlist and regularly featured on R&B lists everywhere as “One To Watch”, this is only the beginning. So stay tuned for much more music and content, but most importantly listen to Jaz Karis when you want to escape this troubled world and lose yourself in a soundscape of soulful jazz and RnB. 

When Mona introduced herself in 2019 with her debut ”Med tiden”, she already showed that we have a new, clearly shining star on the Swedish music scene. The debut album ”Scener”, produced by Nisjand featuring guest appearances by 1.Cuz, Guleed, L1NA and Mazzo, was raised to the skies by critics as she was nominated several times during the 2021 Grammy Awards and was awarded Newcomer of the Year.The album ”Scener” features alternative and modern R&B with a distinctly personal touch, perhaps most notably characterized by both emotional and humorous slow jams where Mona Masrour’s intimate vocals create a special intimacy.

Hailing from South East London, Ojerime draws you back into the golden age of R&B like no other. Fusing electronic production, classic R&B hooks and ethereal harmonies, Ojerime’s forward thinking take on 90s nostalgia is unique from her contemporaries. Previous catalogue includes projects ‘Ojerime: The Silhouette’. ‘Fang 2001’, ‘4U’ and ‘B4 I Breakdown’,  which features stand-out single ‘Give It Up 2 Me’. The success of the single prompted a remix package release, featuring Soulection’s Mr Carmack, alongside emerging producers NELSON and Khaji. Most recent single release ‘Jetset’ was accompanied by a performance for COLORS, where Ojerime debuted exclusive track ‘Often Enough’. So with over 15 million streams on her catalouge, Ojerime proves to be be a breath of fresh air with her nostalgic yet modern sound. 

Carla Prata is a 21 year old Angolan-Portuguese R&B artist, whose sound has taken an influence from the crossover points between UK hip-hop, afrobeat and contemporary R&B and is recognized for her open and empowering sexual lyrics that captivate the LGBTQ+ community and far beyond. Born in Brixton, she moved to Angola as a teenager where she quickly found her footing in Kizomba, a genre of music native to the country and where her song All Right, was an instant success. Now back in London, Owner from her debut EP Roots soon caught the attention of COLORS STUDIOS, who asked her to record a show in November 2020. ‘Certified Freak’ was released in February 2021 and began to gain momentum after the COLORS performance was released a couple weeks later. Her single Certified Freak was Clash’s Track Of The Day and premiered her new video, and she was recently featured in the Gay Times playlist ‘EnGayged’, spotlighting LGBTQ+ artists in the hip-hop space. 

Stockholm based Nápoles debuted in 2020 with the song ´slowzy´ and have since then released two Swedish Grammy nominated EPs, ´Slowin It´ and ´Cloud 9´. Her music takes the listener on an interstellar journey of her thoughts, losing herself to ethereal possibilities. Nápoles seductive vocals swim through the void of space and time, making her presence stand out. It makes her sound captivatingly smooth with genre-bending R&B productions. Nápoles has always been surrounded by music. Her love affair with music and different dance styles started at the age of 8, after her first family visit to her home country Cuba. She grew up on hip-hop, house, dancehall and singing gospel music in the youth choir joyful noise and later on Tensta Gospel choir. Nápoles is no stranger to the music scene in Stockholm, as she is commonly known as DJ of the creative collective Ladieslovehiphop which she founded in 2014 together with her childhood friends Rebecca Tegegne (Miss Cc) and Nataša Marijana (Namarijana). Together the team work as a creative force behind Nápoles musical journey. 

Stockholm-based, Swedish/Jamaican singer ShenieFogo is a star on the Swedish R&B scene.She grew up in the city of Stockholm with a strong passion for creating. Dancing every day of the week and singing every remaining hour as a child, she quicky started the journey on her music. Her EP “Self” and debut album “Meet me in my dreams” are produced by iSHi, togetherthey create a magical calm and sensual sound of R&B and Soul captured by Shenie’s spellbinding voice and iSHi’swell-produced instrumentals. 

The 22-year-old independent and insanely exciting Copenhagen singer released her debut EP MEGALOMANIA on 28 May, which in a short time gained attention on the music scene in Copenhagen. FLAVA is in an urban universe – but has no interest in being put in a specific genre box. She explores an exciting mix of drill, R’n’B, HipHop and punk. An important characteristic of FLAVA is her clear international sound – there is nothing on the Danish stage like her.

Jordss is a London based DJ and radio host on Rinse FM. Named ’Queen of R&B edits’ by Boiler Room, Jordss is known for playing recognizable favorites with a twist and never scared to throw in a curveball or three. As a third generation Jamaican growing up in London Jordss draws influences from her Caribbean roots blended with gritty London garage beats and an undying love of R&B. Put those 3 things in a pot and you get a Jordss mix. Jordss is also founder of ’Girls Can’t DJ’ a community and database made to eradicate gender imbalance in the djing community by encouraging women to learn how to DJ and promoting existing female talent. 

Adipopis a DJ and bootleg producer based in Oslo, Norway. With descent from Nigeria and Norway, she has picked inspirations that are heard throughout her sets mixed in on hard-swinging beats from kizomba, garage, afro, dembow, and afro topped off with dancehall, r&b, and hip-hop influence and vocals. She is inspired by rhythms that make your body move and dreamy melodies which hits your heart. On her Soundcloud and Bandcamp, you’ll find remixes, edits, and mixes. Adipop has been on several festival lineups in Norway over the past years. She has thrown both gigs, held radio shows and made guest mixes for Radar Radio and NTS Radio, and played in cities such as London, Stockholm, and New York.

Nora Mamdu started her career in music in the Oslo club scene as a DJ back in 2014. As a kid she watched MTV and wanted to be Missy Elliott’s background dancer. Now she’s a club curator + DJ + Sound Designer + A&R Manager. Chilling right in the middle of the underground and the mainstream, with the postmodern and Afrofuturistic amongst other black club music.

After nearly eight years as a DJ with numerous successful club nights, experience as a radio host/content creator for NRK mP3 (the Norwegian equivalent for BBC radio), and degree in sound design mastered, she was recruited by and now works for Universal Music Norway as an A&R Manager alongside DJ’ing both in Norway and internationally.

Fladywas founded in early 2022 by artist Flame Faire and DJ Adidaddi who created the platform to help streamline their creative output within the entertainment scene by hosting and creating a space for the youth to celebrate diversity in Denmark.The two young creatives aspire to minimize the gap between the music and fashion industry by challenging and connecting multiple talents across the world and helping create a bigger multicultural community in Copenhagen.

HKOCHD was founded in 2010 as a DJ collective, but today consists of the founder Gabriella Ekman. With a strong love for hip hop, influences from the tropics, rhythms from dancehall and bass from the clubs’ ancestors – HKOCHD has worked as a nightclub manager and arranged clubs at Sweden’s most famous nightclubs. Besides creating a positive and dance friendly atmosphere at clubs and events, HKOCHD has also held DJ workshops, played behind multiple artists and at both local and international festivals among many other things.

Linda Jordan is a international DJ based in Sweden. She’s famous for her dynamic eclectic mix of the latest sounds of the african diaspora – be it Afrowave, Afrobeats, Hiphop, Dancehall and the dito classics from said genres. All that packaged with an energetic presence and performance behind the decks. Her background as a dancer, and passion for music and nightlife drove her to try her hand at the decks, and since mastering the art of mixing there’s been no looking back.

Eka Scratch has been an influent DJ, party starter, radio host, live-DJ and club host in the club and festival scene for over ten years. She frequently hosted her own radio show at the Swedish National Radio, Musikguiden P3 with over one million listeners. With the love for the music and dance floors, Eka Scratch made herself a name in the scene and truly has a unique style behind the decks, combining cuts, scratches and creative mixing techniques when she plays everything from latest Hip Hop, Dancehall, Afrobeats, Bass, Rap and R&b.

Lil Shiit is a DJ & Producer based in Stockholm. She’s gonna give you a set mixed with various sounds such as Amapiano, Afro House and her favorite tracks from her Soundcloud discovery, to name a few.
Kelly’s music taste doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s a mix of the 90’s, afro beat, afro house, kuduro and hip-hop that will have you dancing all night. She makes sure to bring her culture into every dj set and introduce everyone to a piece of her. A goal for every gig is to see people Shazaam the music she play because they love it so much. Music is a way of expressing yourself and that’s exactly what she’s doing.

ZEZE is a Stockholm based DJ & Creative. Music has always been a form of expression for ZEZE and as a DJ she is creating her own lane in the club scene, with international influences. She brings energy and immaculate vibes to all her sets. Her sound selection is a fusion of bangers combined with Batida, Batucada, Baile, Amapiano and Alté.